Re-launching Oppermann
For the last few months we have been busy working on a new concept, with production in Italy, a new collection, and a new retail model. Welcome!

Islington Cognac


£94.00 (25% OFF)

In late 2011, we couldn’t find the right laptop folder, which led us to start our brand. The Islington represents our focus on functionality, simplicity and beauty. It’s a simple sleeve that lets the materials and craftsmanship speak for themselves. With a single compartment opened by a zipper around the top and side, it’s as suitable for a laptop as it is for documents.

Order details
Leather Vachetta Liscia, Artigiano del Cuoio Santa Croce, Italy
Lining Cordura Ecomade, Accoppiatura Vigevanese Milan, Italy
Zipper Super R, Raccagni Bergamo, Italy
Hardware ABC Morini Florence, Italy
Buttons Union KnopfWuppertal, Germany

This is a preorder item. While we are preparing our production in Italy you can preorder all our products. As a thank you for your patience, we offer everything at a discounted price.

Delivery time October 2014
Delivery cost
25% OFF Order July 2014
20% OFF Order August 2014
15% OFF Order September 2014


With it’s smooth surface and natural finish, this is the typical fine Italian Vachetta leather. Our Classics collection is made exclusively from this leather, made by the family owned tannery Artigiano del Cuoio. The three siblings, Simone, Paolo and Roberto continue to produce this leather through through a method that has been passed down for four generations.


Silver Nickel Finish

Each tooth in these zippers has been individually brushed and polished before being assembled on the chain. The result is an exceptionally smooth glide year after year, a beautiful finish, and no sharp edges scratching your hands or belongings.